Class of 2023: defining moments


Margaret Young, Staff Writer

The end of the year is quickly approaching for seniors and that means leaving behind the place and people that have shaped them for the past four years. 

Coming into high school in 2019, the class of 2023 already had a reputation. Deemed as annoying “VSCO Girls,” upperclassmen were hesitant to accept the incoming class, but the new freshman still made their mark. 

All of the impact the class of 2023 tried to have quickly came to a halt with the COVID pandemic. Sophomore year for Dulaney’s current seniors was a year marked by online classes and missed friends. Some students decided to return for hybrid learning but with only a few people in each class and teachers also talking to online students, this experience is hardly what is portrayed in classic high school movies. 

Coming back from this often tumultuous time, everyone was grateful to be back having a normal junior year and reminiscing on the Dulaney they knew before the pandemic. Everything was calm, until the infamous Instagram pages began to fill everyone’s conversations. First there was a bad parking account, then a sleeping account and the ever unpopular bathroom shoes account. Mayhem spread the halls and people were now using the bathroom with their feet raised to not be featured on the account.  It seemed every student and teacher was wondering just exactly how far they would go. After a few weeks, these accounts died down, but the identity and motives of the owners continues to be a mystery. 

Finally, it was the beginning of senior year. Classic Dulaney events like the senior sunrise and painting the rocks were successful bonding moments. Settling into the school year, students were quickly reminded about the imperfect nature of the school when the pipes burst, trapping students in their classes and lunch rooms while Mr. Wynkoop got out the mop. Memorable moments, like Jay Foster’s exciting performance at the winter formal, successful sports seasons and impressive college acceptances made the 2022-2023 school year impactful for seniors. 

Dulaney Seniors, take with you the lessons you have learned, the friendships you have made and the memories that will last a lifetime, even after pulling out of the senior lot for the last time.