Advice to freshman you

Ashlyn Hoffmann, Staff Writer

High school is a time of learning and growth for everyone, not just academically but also personally. No matter who you are or what your goals are, you are bound to learn something about yourself and the world around you in your four years  at Dulaney.

 So let’s see what advice Dulaney’s class of 2023 would have given their freshman selves. 


Academic Advice:

“Be a little less serious. Yes academics are super important, but so is having fun.”

“Don’t trade fun activities with friends for all A’s. A few B’s won’t kill you.”


Social Advice:

“Be open to meeting new people.”

“Go to all of the student events you can.”

“Stop stressing about what people think of you and keep going”

“Try to talk to and get to know people. Learn your classmates’ names.”


At-home Advice:

“Remember to take some relaxation time to yourself. Don’t get too stressed out!”

“There are tons of opportunities to do service for the community and it’s really rewarding. Even if you think it’s not worth it, giving just a little bit of your time can actually change how you have been feeling.”


Extra curricular Advice:

“Join as many clubs as you can; it looks great on resumes.”

“Take a chance with an AP. You actually learn a lot and feel accomplished.”


Miscellaneous Advice:

“Worry about your mental health over everything else.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others.”

“Make the most of it while it lasts.”

“It’s okay to ask for help and admit that everything isn’t okay.”