Ask and you shall receive

Natasha Aragon, Staff Writer

How do I validate myself outside of external influences?

Learning to value yourself without the use of external validation is a long and personal journey. However, the one thing you can do for yourself is to be patient and open to reflection. You have to recognize when you are belittling yourself due to something out of your control or when you’re placing large amounts of stress on things that don’t actually measure your worth. Be honest with yourself about how something makes you feel and don’t be scared of that honesty; have an open mind to contemplate your authentic emotions. Getting comfortable and accepting how you feel will lead to understanding your emotions better. Your self-worth is based on your opinions of yourself. When you learn not to judge your own emotions, you begin to rely less on external sources for validation.


How to tell if someone likes me or not?

The main thing to take into account is their body language and how they act around you. When the majority of people have a crush on someone, they mirror the other person’s movements and may get fidgety around them. Aside from body language, they tend to feel more comfortable around you and may attempt to go out of their way to have more interactions together. This can take form in wanting to be alone together or consistently referring to you while chatting in a friend group. However, it is good to keep in mind that flirting, having and/or showing interest in someone varies from person to person; if possible, your best option is to be open with them and ask them about their feelings towards you. 


How to tell if I like people romantically or not?

Romantic attraction is entirely an emotional response to another individual and can be explained as a strong desire to have romantic contact or interaction with another person. It is an immense yearning to be close with them, and is different from platonic emotions as you wish to participate in romantic activities. This includes kissing, cuddling, going on dates, communicating and even officially labeling the relationship. A key difference between romantic and platonic attraction is that in romantic attraction there is more connection and intimacy, while in platonic relationships there is simply a friendly connection. By knowing the difference between the two, you are able to put a label or simply better understand how you feel towards the other person.


When do I tell an adult about a problematic situation with another student?

First thing to consider is whether you’ve confronted the issue. I understand that it can be extremely difficult or even scary, but if you do not address the problem then it won’t be recognized as a problem by the other individual(s), which would make it harder to fix. If the issue has put you or anyone around you at harm, uncomfortable, and/or stressed then it would be best to tell a trusted adult the issue at hand.