Fights at Dulaney decrease

Kate Lakatta, Staff Writer

Dulaney High School administration has taken extra precautions to prevent physical violence from taking place within the halls of the school. When school went back to in-person learning after a year of quarantine, there was a noticeable rise in the number of physical fights occurring on a regular basis. These violent scenes were often filmed and spread to other students as well. 

Samuel Wynkoop, the principal of Dulaney High School, strives to find ways to prevent fights by going above and beyond to help students. 

“I do not know if there are answers to what causes fights but I think there are steps towards solutions,” says Wynkoop.

The good news is that the amount of fights has greatly declined within the past school year; it seems as though the rise in fights that may have resulted from isolation during quarantine has begun to fade. 

“We used to have all our administrators in one location but now we have one on the first floor, we have two assistant principals up here, and then Ms. Dean is out on the second floor. Having people and presence has made a difference,” says Wynkoop. 

The truth of the matter is there will never be no violence or conflict within a high school setting. It is important  to understand the causes of these events as well as ways to prevent conflicts before they take place. Providing more support for students who do not necessarily know how to handle their anger is important. Increased administration presence is necessary as well. 

Dulaney High School administrators will continue to prioritize the safety of their students. There is hope that the number of fights will continue to drop, and the students at Dulaney will solve conflicts in a manner benefiting our institution.