The newest addition to Dulaney High School

Gabrielle Cassini, Staff Writer

(The Griffin/Gabrielle Cassini)

In September 2022, Dulaney High School administration put up 3’x‘8 feet gates surrounding the front patio by the bus loop; concerns for students and their safety were on the rise.

Principal Samuel Wynkoop said, “We noticed lots of students sitting on the edge of the curb, and lots of cars coming in from the bus loop. The only thing I lose sleep over at night is safety. I wanted to ensure better safety of kids who are eating outside with traffic patterns.”

In an anonymous survey many students expressed their opinion, calling the gates “pointless” and “unnecessary.”

One anonymous student said, “Personally, it’s just inconvenient because my backpack gets stuck in the yellow fence, and then there’s always another individual who is trying to get past me. They are a hassle and make the area significantly more congested.”

Nevertheless, Wynkoop can sympathize with students’ perspectives.

“I know that principals and administrators are supposed to be the mean people that lock everyone in, but that is not what we are trying to do. It was never created as a punitive thing.” said Wynkoop.

With the chance for students to speak out about the gates, the survey reported that 71% of students believe the gates were put up to prevent students from skipping school, while 21% think they were put up for traffic in the bus loop. Furthermore, the survey displayed that the majority of students thought of this addition as a consequence rather than a safety feature.

Despite the safety concerns over potentially dangerous traffic patterns, Wynkoop mentioned that he also believes the gates add a decorative feature to the entrance, reflecting the school colors. Moreover, the patio has become visually appealing while efficiently representing Dulaney pride. 

Wynkoop said, “It is not a locked area, just confined. All I really want is for the kids to feel comfortable where they are.” 

After speaking with the principal, it was clear that the gates were not implemented as a punishment, but instead to positively benefit students and ensure safety throughout the 2022-23 school year.