The dancing *AP Economics* queen

Michelle Wang and Takara Wilson

Ever heard of a Dulaney teacher who created AP exams? Introducing Linda Motiram – a government teacher with a Bachelor’s in Economics and History and a Masters in Education and History, bringing a complex and diverse skill set. Starting her teaching career in 1997 at Old Mill High School for 17 years, she eventually spent another three at Dulaney, now in her fourth. Interested in many subjects, she has taught various classes such as AVID, Math, Women’s History and Psychology to name a few.

“My favorite part about being a teacher is when the kids start to fall in love with your subject, and that’s always a really good thing… And when they come in, and they talk about the news and can relate it, it’s kind of like candy for teachers”, says Motiram.

Though currently put on pause because of the business of the school year, her hobbies include  reading (primarily African American History and books about women in World War II) and dancing (ranging from the Samba, and Cha Cha to the Waltz). 

“Dancing has made me so much more comfortable in my body, you know, it’s like for the first time, I can see myself as someone who has some athletic ability. And that was like a revelation for me, I just really enjoyed it. And people come up, and they compliment me on my dancing, and I get so happy,” says Motiram.

Aside from being a teacher, Motiram has also worked extensively with the College Board. Motiram was a reader for College Board where she graded the AP Economics exams for several years. She was then invited to join the AP Microeconomics Test Development Committee. She spent one year working for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) remote where she developed the AP Microeconomics exam.

While at ETS, Motiram gained a new level of understanding and perspective on the inner workings of the exam while she served as the head developer for the Microeconomics division. Motiram describes her experience at ETS as being largely positive. 

“It was a great learning experience… When I was a test development committee member, we did write our own questions, but mostly review questions that have been written by outside item writers,” says Motiram. 

At the ETS, Motiram felt that she had explored every avenue within College Board. She was also able to work with other educational professionals to create the exams. 

“Doing it from ETS, I was able to see the entire process from the ground up,” says Motiram. “I worked with other PhD economists to try to make sure that everything was solid with the exams, and we had complete creative control to alter things.” 

After her remote year at ETS, she missed the in-person interaction of working with students. Now back at Dulaney, Motiram is excited to continue teaching. She finds fulfillment in guiding her students to find new perspectives as they look at the world. Her passion for teaching does not go unnoticed and her desire for her students to gain maximum knowledge on concepts is exemplary. 

Dulaney is so happy to have you back!