Dulaney alumni: where are they now?


(Dulaney Griffin/Jackie Sibila)

Photo of Dulaney Alum Adam Hemmeter!

Jackie Sibila, Editor-in-Chief

Though our school building may be lackluster, its students and teachers are far from it. Dulaney High School is a nationally ranked school for its high test scores, impressive subject proficiencies and college readiness. 

Thanks to Dulaney, many students have found success in the big wide world. One of our more famous alumni, G. Reid Wiseman, even became an astronaut, serving on the mission Expedition 41 aboard the International Space Station for six months. 

In the more recent years, Dulaney graduates have continued to forge their way through life after Dulaney High School. In this installment we will take a look at Dulaney Alum Adam Hemmeter. 

After graduating from Dulaney in 2015, Hemmeter double majored at the University of Maryland, College Park in material science engineering and economics. He credits his time in AP Economics at Dulaney for his decision to take on his second major. 

“I had such a great time and the teacher was so phenomenal and gave me such a solid foundation that even a couple years later… I was able to pick it [economics] up and go right into those intermediate classes,” said Hemmeter.

Hemmeter spoke more on how Dulaney prepared him for life outside of high school. He emphasized the impacts his teachers – such as Mr. Shaw – had in aptly preparing him for rigorous college classes subsequently boosting his confidence in academic pursuits. 

“Overall, the foundation I got from an education standpoint was huge,” said Hemmeter. 

During his time at Maryland, Hemmeter took advantage of three separate short-term study abroad programs studying renewable energy, international business in engineering and economics in Germany, Australia and London respectively. 

In addition to study abroad, Hemmeter completed four internships throughout his college career which all lead him to his current professional career in consulting at Deloitte. He feels that starting his career in consulting allows him the opportunity to grow and figure out where he wants to take his professional career in the future. Hemmeter has high aspirations for the future and hopes to work in politics one day. Hemmeter went on to praise public education, saying it “suited him well.” From high school all the way through college he gained a sense of grit. 

“I really think there is something special about public education, especially the public education that’s offered in this area and this state.”

Outside of academics, the Dulaney community has played an important role in Hemmeter’s life. He still regularly keeps in touch with friends from high school and discusses the support, loyalty and unity that the community has given him over the years. 

Hemmeter also imparted words of wisdom for current Dulaney students. He stressed the importance of savoring every moment you have – time really does fly – as well as embracing the opportunities that come your way. After leaving high school feeling as though he could’ve done a little bit more, Hemmeter jumped on every opportunity that came his way in college, no doubt one of the secrets to his impressive success. Hemmeter also revealed that taking time for yourself and focusing on fundamentals such as eating right, getting enough sleep and doing physical activities helps set you down the path to success. 

Wherever life takes Hemmeter, he is sure to accrue more and more accomplishments and some of that can be attributed to his time here at Dulaney. 

Be sure to stay tuned for our next alumnus feature on Dulaney teacher Henry McVeigh!