Class length: 90 minutes versus 45 minutes

Sara Leber, Staff Writer

Growing up means change within all aspects of life- especially daily routines. As we get to high school, we face longer classes. In previous grades, a school day consisted of eight classes that were 45 minutes long. But high school has half the number of classes that are double the amount of time, leading to numerous pros and cons for students.

After putting out a survey to Dulaney High School students, there were 15 students in favor of 45-minute classes, but it was clear that the majority of students preferred the 90-minute classes.  

Students who enjoy the longer classes said that they liked being able to cover more content in class and are able to get more work done. Having more time for one subject made students feel like they could retain more information. Shorter classes made students feel rushed and overwhelmed. Extra class time allows for more questions to be answered and more clarification. Only having four classes a day gives you an extra night to do your homework, reducing student’s stress levels. That simple difference can be huge for students.

One student said, “There is more time to get work done and you don’t have to worry about so many classes every day.”

But on the other hand, there were a few who preferred the 45-minute-long classes. These students thought that it was exhausting sitting in one classroom for over an hour. One student said it’s hard to stay awake in these long classes. Students feel like they get distracted easily during an hour and a half class. Having eight classes a day could prevent having one school day being significantly harder than the other. 

A student in favor of 45-minute classes said, “With this generation our attention span is smaller. When you have shorter classes you will be able to focus more on your dedicated task.”

Personal opinions aside, students do a very good job adapting to change no matter if the class is shorter or longer. Whether the length of classes is liked or disliked, students push themselves and make the best of it.