Meet me at midnight: Taylor Swift’s latest release

Meet me at midnight: Taylor Swift’s latest release

Erin Patterson and Laura Pohl

“Midnights become our afternoons.” Taylor Swift perfectly encapsulated fan’s feelings during the past few weeks in the lyrics from her new song “Anti-Hero,” as she planned the release of her 10th studio album, “Midnights.” Tick, tick, tick, the anticipation builds as Swift’s fans – appropriately named “Swifties” – wait for midnight to strike and her new album to drop. Less than a week since the release, “Midnights” has already broken the record of top streams on an album in 24 hours and is on track to break several more.

“Midnights,” was written during restless nights and showcases internal struggles that kept her awake. Unlike her previous two albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore,” that had surprise releases, Swift announced the release of “Midnights” seven weeks in advance. She engaged her fans by creating a series called “Midnights Mayhem With Me,” revealing the song titles of the 13 songs on the album in separate TikTok videos. However, Swift loves surprising her fans, so on Oct. 21 at 3 a.m. she released seven more songs titled the “3 a.m.” tracks which are available on the deluxe edition only. 

A main collaborator on this album was producer Jack Antonoff. Antonoff added specific features such as synth beats and emphasis on her background vocals to create the late night moodier feeling that this album radiates. 

Despite Swift’s previous successful albums, many reviews have come off negative for “Midnights,” Comments such as ‘a bizarre album with bad lyrics’ from Insider and that it ‘didn’t live up to expectations’ from the Daily Beast have been made.

Many have also talked about Swift’s return to her music from 2014 and 2012 when her albums “Red” and “1989” were released; the pop side of her music shines in “Midnights.” 

Although the album has received negative reviews, many listeners are pleased with the new songs. An aspect of “Midnights” listeners enjoyed was Swift’s vulnerability and openness to be more personal with her audience. Specifically, Swift reveals body image insecurities and struggles with her life feeling unmanageably sized in her new songs,“Anti-Hero” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” This rawness allowed listeners to relate to these songs more deeply, one of the qualities that makes this album so unique. “Midnights” strengthens the connection Swift has with her fans through the structure of some of her songs. In “Mastermind,” Swift gives listeners insight into how she methodically plans out conversations, interactions and easter eggs for her audience. On the other hand, in “Dear Readers,” Swift directly addresses her fans and gives them advice to handle certain situations, again building that connection with them as if they were getting advice from a big sister. 

As people listen to the album more, it becomes more of a fan favorite, and there is no doubt it will continue to break records. Swifties look forward to seeing what Swift is plotting for the upcoming months. We will meet at midnight again.