The highlights of senior year

Molly Melito and Olivia Morris

The year every high schooler is waiting for – senior year. Senior year is filled with fun activities like the senior sunrise, senior barbeque and senior prom. These activities provide a needed break and something to look forward to while seniors endure the stress of submitting college applications.

Senior sunrise kicked off the first week of school as many students spent quality time with friends while enjoying delicious pancakes, munchkins and juice. The picturesque sunrise gave the students the perfect backdrop to capture these memories through photos.

One of Dulaney’s most anticipated traditions is the senior barbeque, when the rocks are painted with the graduating classes’ colors. For the class of 2023, the rock was painted charcoal and students painted their names in light purple. Seniors purchased white shirts with their class graduation year on the back. The shirts didn’t stay white for long, as purple handprints and splatters covered the blank canvas making the perfect keepsake for years to come. After names were painted on the rocks, it became an ambush of paint – leaving purple everywhere and taking weeks to finally wash out of hair. This event lived up to its reputation of being one of the most anticipated activities of the year.

“The three hour shower was worth it,” said senior Audrey Simoes.

After working up an appetite from bombarding friends with paint, food was available for the students from Charcoal Deli including pork and turkey sandwiches. The food was so popular that the line of students stretched across the campus from the edge of the building all the way to the tennis courts.   

It is a bittersweet feeling that the senior barbeque is over, but it will be a fond memory to look back on in the future. After the excitement of the beginning of the year is finally over, seniors can look forward to long awaited events like prom, senior week and graduation.