Key Club: Erica Wang takes charge


Sara Leber, Staff Writer

Based on service-learning opportunities, character building and inclusiveness, Key Club is one of the oldest extracurricular programs at Dulaney.

The club colors are blue, white and gold, representing purity, service and unwavering character. To make Key Club possible, diligent leaders are needed and Dulaney has found themselves one of those leaders: the current president, Erica Wang. 

Advancing from treasurer to president in a year, Wang had to quickly adapt to her larger role. Her role as treasurer included collecting dues and distributing resources to the members. Now as president, she creates PowerPoints for the meetings and keeps track of her fellow members in leadership positions, making sure they are doing their part. Wang discussed how the chairs of the club create the events and contact people for more information, so one of her roles is tracking the progress of the chairs. Although the change in positions can be overwhelming, Wang mentioned how the former president, Erica Lee, prepared her.

“I think she did a really good job to prepare everybody, so I think I am very equipped to take this role. So, I feel pretty good about it.” said Wang.

Key Club offers many service opportunities inside and outside of school. Within Dulaney, Key Club members have participated in trash pickups and helped teachers wash their chalkboards. Outside of Dulaney, members volunteer at the Oregon Ridge Honey Harvest, helping with parking and running the craft fairs.

One of the biggest events for Key Club is the district convention. Key Club is part of division 6B and is under the capital district. All the divisions in the capital district meet at the district convention. 

“The convention is a place to celebrate service with workshops and other activities.” Wang said. 

Wang manages being president of a club with an impressive legacy behind it. Wang is excited about the future of this club and cherishes the opportunities they have to make a difference.