HOCO Review


Ashlyn Hoffmann, Staff Writer

Sold out in the Enchanted Forest: A homecoming review

For the first time in over eight years, Dulaney sold out of homecoming tickets. That’s right, 1,000 students and guests eagerly bought a ticket to the dance. Students showed up to socialize and have fun with their peers. But did the dance fulfill the expectations of the many students longing for?

A concern students had prior to the dance was the system of entry because an identification card was required. Fortunately, entry went smoothly and students got into the dance quickly and efficiently. The students have the Student Government Organization (SGO) advisors, Stacy Reynolds, Eva Van Horn and Dylan Steiner to thank for that. 

Once in the dance, students had different areas where they could spend their time: the cafeteria, hallway, gym and patio. The cafeteria had food and water, along with tables and chairs set up for resting. This room was used to be a calmer area with decorated backgrounds for students to take themed photos. The hallway between the gym and cafeteria was also beautifully decorated and provided even more opportunities for pictures and fun times.

The blaring music and disco lights, which is the most popular hoco attraction, were in the gym. This is where the majority of students spent their night, jumping, singing and dancing until their feet hurt. A few slow dance songs were even played throughout the night for all of the couples amongst the crowd.

The final area where students could spend their night was outside on the patio. Students sat out on benches and lunch tables to cool off in the crisp fall air. Once again, Kona Ice was available for purchase at the dance: a cold treat many students enjoyed.

Overall, the dance was an amazing experience for students to socialize, dance and have a good time for just $20 or $25. Dulaney’s SGO did not disappoint in pulling off the first official homecoming dance since COVID-19, and students were thrilled to get back to this pre-quarantine tradition. If you didn’t attend this homecoming, be sure to get a ticket to your next school dance, whether that be ring, prom or next year’s homecoming. If one thing is for sure, it’s that the Dulaney Lions know how to have a night they’ll never forget – whether that is in the Enchanted Forest, or wherever a ticket of school spirit takes them next!