Senior Farewell

To the staff at the Dulaney Griffin,

We can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. It doesn’t seem long ago that we were the small sophomores in the back of the journalism class, discussing last night’s episode of The Bachelor, and now we are saying goodbye to this journey as we put the finishing touches on our senior edition. We want to thank our staff this year for all your thoughtful contributions, without which we would not have been successful. As we leave, we want to remind you that the student staff is the spirit of the newspaper and the source of the truth. You are the voice of the school. Never stop seeking the truth and challenging authority; it is only when we voice our opinions that true change can take place. Continue to advocate for your own voice and the purpose of The Griffin will remain intact. It has been a pleasure to witness your growth as writers and student journalists. We cannot wait to follow the work you do next year and in the future. Go forth and remember our mission: to enlighten and to entertain.


Anna Albergo and Sophia Paranzino