Lauryn Taylor Senior Spread


Erin Patterson, Editor

She’s a student, she’s a baker, she’s Lauryn Taylor! Senior Lauryn Taylor is a participant in the Dulaney High Schools internship program this year. Taylor interns with Mrs. Muriel’s algebra class to gauge her interest in teaching high school. Ever since elementary school, Taylor has longed to be at the front of the classroom teaching future generations of students. 

“I’ve always loved the way teachers communicate with students, especially in elementary school. They are very creative and it is something I have always wanted to do,” said Taylor. 

Although she is interested in teaching elementary school, currently teaching a high school class has been a great educational experience. One of Taylor’s favorite memories so far has been teaching her first full math review class. 

Taylor said, “I think it’s easier to be an intern with high schoolers because you can kind of relate to them on a different level and you can help them out more than a teacher may be able to sometimes on a different level.” 

Outside of school, she is also an avid baker of cupcakes and anything sweet! Over quarantine, the extra amount of leisure time heightened the baking addiction for Taylor. 

In the fall, Taylor will be attending Towson University to major in Elementary Education. Due to all of her dedication and love for teaching, she will certainly be one of the next best future educators!