Jonathan Zhang Senior Spread

Olivia Morris, Staff Writer

Jonathan Zhang is an outstanding senior at Dulaney High School.  Not only is Zhang the saxophone section leader in the marching band. but he is also a part of the sound crew for the Dulaney Theater Company.  His job in the tech crew as the Sound Chief involves assigning mics for actors and finding the correct sound effects for the shows.  Zhang also has assisted with school concerts and other events that need sound setup.  His experience with Theater at Dulaney has been an exciting one, especially with the City of Angels play and his favorite part of this community being, meeting new people and helping the underclassmen figure out their parts in this crew.  While the Theater community is fun and thrilling, the most difficult part for Zhang was perfecting the play with all the little details that needed to be accounted for in the little time given.  Also, he is able to balance the time with being a part of other clubs and ensuring that he was still there for rehearsals.  Zhang is a hard worker with leadership skills that will take him far in whatever path he chooses for his future.  Good luck with your future endeavors, Jonathan!