Incoming College Tours

Liam Gaumont, Staff Writer

For our Junior and Senior class specifically, college touring can be very stressful. Wondering what college not only fits your academic ranges, but also your social, environmental and physical ranges is a tough decision. While a college may fit your academic and environmental preferences, the social life may not fit you, and vice versa. That’s why looking for and touring colleges is a long process that requires you to take your time and be patient with your decision. It determines the next four years of your life.

After talking with the current senior class, it is clear that a select few colleges are very popular within Dulaney High. To no one’s surprise, University of Maryland is the most popular college, considering the level of academics paired with the financial benefits. Universities like James Madison, Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Delaware are also popular this year. 

It seems to be a trend that Dulaney High School students do not want to study too far north, but prefer schools in the Virginia to Carolinas area. This may be due to its similar climate to Maryland, which DHS students are used to. Universities in the Eastern Shore region are also considered elite academic schools which brings in interest from students, especially from an elite academic high school such as Dulaney. 

As a current Junior, I’m excited to work college tours into my schedule this summer. After listening to seniors’ opinions on physically touring colleges, it’s clear that if you like a college, it’ll be obvious. Before traveling to tour colleges, make sure to research that college so you know before going in that this college may be a good fit. It’d be a useless visit if you tour the college but then realize they don’t offer your major, so make sure to gain some knowledge or information on the campus or majors prior to the tour. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the more exciting times for you as a high schooler, so make sure to really take your time with it and trust your gut. Be confident in your decisions.