Artfest 2022!


Ryan Tiedemann, Staff Writer

Artfest was in the auditorium wing on April 22, and was a tremendous success for all involved. Displays of works done by the art students of our school, combined with student-run booths and performances, facilitated an incredible atmosphere! The total event ran from 3:30 to 5:30, and successfully filled the entire duration with the aforementioned attractions. Notable performances included Julian Crisostomo’s excellent ukulele mini-concert, an impromptu poem from a group of juniors (including Griffin staff member Michelle Wang) celebrating the Earth, and a duet from seniors Richard Lee and Loren Lee. Artfest is an event traditionally run by the Dulaney Sequel Magazine Class, and this year was no different. Sequel contributors ran the show, whether through performing themselves, displaying their art or promoting their newly released (excellent) edition. For example, senior Miriam Talalay and Sequel contributor Anning Cui both displayed multiple excellent pieces. The works remained on display for a week following the 22, which allowed those who missed the two hour slot to still enjoy their beauty and atmospheric presence. 


From the Griffin to Sequel, congratulations on a great event!