Sophia Suggests

Sophia Paranzino, Editor-in-Chief

How can freshmen get through our first year of high school?

I have good news for you: you have already completed the majority of your school year. High school is a weird time, you are suddenly gaining more independence and everyone is still growing and hitting milestones at different times, including you. In these constantly changing times, you can feel a lot of pressure about fitting in and discovering who you are. But the best part about high school is that you do not have to know. You can try out a bunch of different clubs to find which activities best interest you. You can get to know a wide variety of people in your different classes and activities and find people you like to hang out with. This is a really unique time in your life that you will only get to experience just this once. Make the most of all high school has to offer and don’t spend too much time worrying about the future, which will ultimately inhibit you from enjoying the present.


I have trouble communicating with my dad out of fear of how he will respond to anything. How can I fix this? 

Parental relationships can be some of the most important kinds for teens, yet can also be incredibly frustrating. As we get older, some parents grapple with the fact that we are no longer children, and as a result can often belittle and talk down to us, many times unintentionally. In this case, it is important to firmly tell your dad how his actions make you feel. Using “I statements” while speaking with him to show the impact his words have on you while also minimizing blame. If he does not attempt to change his communication with you, I would suggest seeking help, perhaps from our school’s counseling group or a trusted teacher. Ultimately, you cannot control his words, but you can control how you perceive them. If he is speaking down to you, acknowledge that his words are not an actual reflection of yourself and do not define who you are.

Resources to contact for additional information:

(Dial 211; call/text your zip code to 898-211) (National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453)


I have a crush on a guy that I am friends with but don’t want to get rejected. Should I tell him?

This is definitely a difficult position for you to be in. I would first ask you to assess the strength of your relationship with him. If the worst case scenario happens and he rejects you, would your relationship be strong enough to withstand the awkwardness or would it just be too much? If telling him your feelings could destroy your friendship, think carefully about the decision to tell him how you feel. With that being said, if you care for him enough that you think jeopardizing your relationship is worth it so he knows how you really feel, I say go for it. Life is too short to sit around and wonder what might have happened if you had been bold enough to speak your feelings.