One Bite

One Bite

Brooke Ellis, Staff Writer

Growing up in Phoenix Maryland, pizza night was always from Strapasta. It wasn’t until I came to Dulaney that I heard of a new place, Maria’s, located in Timonium. To find out what will be my (and maybe your) new go to for pizza night, I’ve decided to try and rate them based on the crust, sauce, and overall taste. 

Cheese: Strapasta had a good distribution of cheese and at first glance Maria’s seemed unappealing and burnt. 

Sauce: Strapasta sauce was bland and almost bitter while Maria’s was sweet and tangy, overall elevating the flavor of the pizza. 

Crust: Strapasta lacked a strong flavor with the cheese and sauce while Maria’s had great seasoning that pairs well with the sauce.

Overall Taste: I rated Strapasta a seven on the crust, five on sauce, and taste a six and half making the score 18.5 out of 30. I gave Maria’s a six on the crust, seven on the sauce, and taste an eight making the final score a 22 out of 30. 

A poll sent out at Dulaney showed that 30 percent of the people that voted have had both Maria’s and Strapatsa and 65 percent of them like Maria’s better–I don’t disagree. To the 41 percent who have never had Maria’s, I think it would be worth trying for the explosion of flavor.  Lastly, I think the 30 percent of the people who have only had Maria’s, should try Strapasta to enjoy a new type of pizza. 

I think Strapasta had the better “pizza” look but Maria’s had much better flavor. It’s also important to note that a 16 inch pizza at Strapasta is $11.95 and Maria’s is $14.95, so if you don’t mind splurging the extra three dollars, then Maria’s is not a problem. Another factor that might deter your pizza preference is location. Strapasta is only five minutes from where I live while Maria’s is 20, so it makes more sense to get the pizza that is closer.

Trying Maria’s was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Now every pizza night will be from the best local pizza shop– Maria’s.