New Year’s Resolutions for You

Ashlyn Hoffmann, Staff Writer

Setting a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of each calendar year has become a fun tradition for many. Although some people set resolutions, very few follow through with them and often consider them a waste of time. However, New Year’s resolutions can significantly benefit people trying to better themselves. If you are unsure of goals you want to set for yourself, here are four resolutions that may be perfect for you.

Improve Grades

Grades cause extreme amounts of stress in students, causing them to stop striving for their best. When it comes to effort in the classroom, a positive attitude goes a long way. Another technique that helps improve grades is getting help from a teacher. If you are afraid to reach out to your teachers, know that they are there to help you. If you still feel nervous, you can talk to a friend. Sometimes, all it takes is a good friend to keep you motivated and help you when you’re stuck. Not all students benefit from the same note-taking format or studying method so find what works for you and remember to strive for your best. 

Improve Physical Health

Exercising can be enjoyable, despite the hard work required. Similar to improving grades, improving athletics starts with a good attitude. Making a schedule for your workout helps because you will remember to do it everyday without procrastination. Something to keep in mind is that noticeable progress takes time, so don’t give up. To stay motivated, set a goal for yourself to work up to and don’t start off too strong, it’s a process! 

Work on Self-Care

A little bit of stress is important, but too much stress can eventually cause mental illness and should be controlled. Stressing is natural but can also be harmful to both mental and physical health.  If you are able to recognize when you start feeling stressed and work yourself out of it, you will be a much happier person. Routine also helps with stress so try setting a time and place for yourself to destress once a day for a little while. Possible ways to destress include reading, walking and drawing but do what relaxes you which is not the same for everybody. 

Work on Self-love

Mean comments from others hurt, but harmful words from yourself hurt more. Self-love doesn’t come natural to most and needs to be worked on. One way to help appreciate yourself more is to point out three good qualities about yourself every morning. Doing this in the morning starts your day off on a positive note and is more likely to stay with you all day. An important aspect in developing self-love is to avoid comparing yourself to others.  Everybody has flaws that they’ve hidden, so comparing yourself to them doesn’t help. By focusing on the good in yourself, you will naturally start to appreciate the way you are and will become a much happier and confident person.

Like stated previously, self-appreciation is hard to come by, but with a positive attitude and a good amount of effort, you will be able to see yourself in the beautiful ways the people around you do.

Next year, try setting a resolution for yourself. It can be big or small, but remember to find one that is best for you.  Everybody has goals for themselves, why not work towards yours?