Lending a Helping Hand

Brooke Ellis, Staff Writer

With the holidays coming to an end, many people are cleaning up wrapping paper scraps, throwing away leftovers and returning gifts they don’t like. With newfound free time, use this opportunity to give back to communities that are less fortunate. Thankfully, there are so many organizations in Maryland that would love to receive your help this winter, they include: The Board of Child Care Association, The House of Ruth Maryland, Toys for tot, Chesapeake Family Life and others not listed.

The Board of Child Care Association is collecting donations and accepting volunteers throughout the year. They’ll accept  personal care products, electronics, new clothing, sports equipment and arts and crafts. 

The House of Ruth Maryland is an organization that raises awareness about domestic violence and ways to recognize the signs of it in women and children. They will accept all new and not worn apparel, baby food, toiletries, non-perishable foods and linens. 

 Toys for Tots, run through the Marine Corps, collects toys every year and distributes them to kids who do not get them. They will accept toy and money donations, and they are looking for volunteers to help distribute and organize the toys.

 Chesapeake Family Life is an organization that offers countless ways to help serve your community. The organization provides hands-on activities where you can participate in toy and hospital drives, prepare and serve meals, donate food and clothing and volunteer at pet shelters.

 If you’re looking to donate to patients at hospitals, St. Jude’s Gift Shop, an online resource, allows you to donate gifts, events and treatments to kids that would appreciate them. To get involved, look up the name of the organization you want to participate in from up above, and then the website will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do.

If you can’t figure out when/how to donate through some of those organizations, clubs here at Dulaney are offering many ways to get involved. One easy way to help is by joining these clubs! Showing up, participating in the afterschool activities, and paying dues all go into helping the club do something greater. Key Club is always accepting food and aluminum cans to be donated outside of room 203 and facilitating toy drives this holiday season. UNICEF club is only accepting monetary donations as of now, which will be sent to the UNICEF organization to be distributed globally. Club for a Cure welcomes new club members to any meeting as they make crafts that get delivered to the Maryland Proton Treatment Center. The Closet of Support, located in the front office, is around all year and collecting school supplies, toiletries and clothes.

Giving back is an easy way to help your community and make an impactful difference to people in Maryland and around the world.