Dulaney Flashback: A Decade in Review

Ryleigh Bernhardt, Staff Writer

Dulaney High has changed a lot over the years, but let’s go back and take a closer look at 2010. As we know, the trend cycle is short, varying from fashion to new technology in a matter of months. This year we have seen Crocs, Nike, yoga pants, baggy clothes, puffer jackets, new IPhones and so much more. But what would we have seen in 2010? 



  • Belts/Scarves; Many students wore an excessive amount of belts and scarves. They layered them to make their outfits more unique.
  • Chains/Bracelets; Students wore tons of jewelry–earrings,chains, bracelets and who knows what else. It definitely added some extravagance to your outfit. Pandora was a popular brand at the time, with their charm bracelet collection people were ecstatic! They bought multiple charms for one bracelet. 
  • Tank Tops/tights; The classic long tank top, everyone wore one! It was almost always longer than your actual shirt itself, sometimes they were worn without a shirt too. They always went over the jeans! Tights were worn under ripped jeans, skirts, dresses, anything really. 
  • Shoes; Shoes were a statement piece to your outfit. The Toms brand was extremely popular and students wore them with basically any outfit. They were comfy, so it was easy to wear them to school. 

In 2010, fashion was really just whatever you could find in your closet. Lots of layering, but that’s what made it unique!


Mental Health and Education

You’d be surprised at other things students from 2010 and students now have in common, mental health has always been an issue in high school students, but it has become more apparent in recent years. In the issues of the 2010 Griffin, many articles were written concerning the mental health and other issues of students. Dulaney students complained that they were  feeling starved during the day and needed to eat. Another article was written on students feeling the need for a study hall, as they have too much homework when they get home. AP students struggle, and even procrastinate, similar to in 2010 when AP students were too stressed for anything. 


New Tech

Apart from mental health, a lot of new releases kept students excited and motivated in 2010. Notably, Apple released the IPad. The touch screen provided a new and exciting method to play, as stated in the 2010 Griffin. Apple also released the IPhone 4, exciting many students. It was thinner, easier to carry and definitely easier to bring to school–similar to our excitement with the IPhone 12/13.


Taking that flashback to 2010, not as much has changed as you would expect. A lot of trends have stuck with us since. Layering outfits has returned back to students, and a lot of accessories too. Mental health has stayed similar in students but these problems have been brought to light. Tech has been advanced, keeping students in touch.