New Clubs Offer New Opportunities at Dulaney

Gabrielle Cassini and Laura Pohl

With the 2,000 students being back in person, excitement and creativity to pursue their interests is definitely carrying into Dulaney’s clubs. Not only does Dulaney offer after-school sport and art programs, but also a variety of clubs relating to students’ personal interests and involvement in the community. This year, Dulaney students have come together to create two new clubs: Interact and Asian Culture Appreciation Club.

Being inclusive of all cultures is important in the community and at Dulaney High. Asian Culture Appreciation club is a newly created club to emphasize and teach students about Asian cultures not taught within the classroom.  Members will be able to learn about the different Asian countries and the traditions present in each.

Our main purpose [is] just to have a club where people can feel comfortable and learn more about different cultures that aren’t really accessible or like taught at Dulaney.” says co-founder of Asian Culture Appreciation, Caroline Lee. 

Around 40 people showed up to their first meeting,  and students seemed to enjoy how interactive the activities were. During the first general meeting, members participated in a series of icebreaker puzzles and trivia games.

Lee said, “The puzzles were general random questions. We would have a crossword with questions like ‘guess which Asian country is known for this food etc.’”          

In the future members and officers hope to hold fundraisers and even collaborate with other Asian culture unions at different schools. 

Lee will be running the club  assisted by a recording secretary, finance manager, and a board representative.  Lee and her co-founder will soon be holding interviews for people that would like to fill up remaining positions, so be on the lookout.   

In addition to Asian Culture Appreciation, Interact is another new club at Dulaney. Interact is just a small part of the Rotary International Club that fights worldly issues to create peace in the community. However, at a highschool level, Interact is a service organization to help those around them. 

The president of the club, Courtney May, says her goal for the new club is to “instill the love of service within the Dulaney students and help them meet their service learning needs.” May has always been one to love service. She desires to spread the love to those who are interested in joining or those impacted by the service projects.

To help May run the club, her sister, Kelley May, is vice president and the two of them are in the process of selecting the other officers for lead positions. 

During each meeting, the club will participate in impactful service projects that can be done in school but still make a big difference. In their next meeting, they will be writing letters to service members. One of Interact’s upcoming service projects is participating in Youth and Peace in Action (YPA). 

takara wilson

If members choose to participate in small groups they “will learn about peace and conflict resolution… then take what they learn to the community and design and implement their own community service projects”, says May. 

Interact and Asian Culture Appreciation were both advertised at club rush. If you missed club rush, Interact meets from 2:40-3:15 on every other Wednesday in room 308. Asian Culture Appreciation club meets every Friday from 2:45-3:45 in the satellite cafeteria. Both clubs would love to welcome new members!