NEHS Paints “Wall of Poetry” Mural

Esha Singhai, Editor

Though It has been close to two years since the onset of Covid-19 and much of the world seems to have moved on, students in Dulaney’s National English Honor Society (NEHS) recognize that it is important to remember the lessons we have learned from this pandemic. In order to showcase how students have been impacted by and grown from the difficulties of quarantine, a committee of NEHS students called “Returning to School, Returning to Poetry,” is working to paint a “Wall of Poetry” mural on Dulaney lockers. Students participating in this committee include Kamari Dennis, Mariam Dajraj, and Gabby Walker.

In an interview with Nupur Shah, Vice President of NEHS, she expresses that students in NEHS have a particular affinity for influencing social change, which is why they wanted to address the impacts of in-person learning in the first place. 

“By displaying the mural in the English hallway, we’re hoping that students walking by can read the poems and resonate with them, or maybe even get inspired,” Shah said. 

The mural will likely feature a person trying to break free from their mask to speak their truth in the form of poems. These poems will cover the entirety of the painting and be decorated in unique colors and styles, as each artist sees fit. In contrast, the speaker will not have any identifying features, as to be a representation of every student at Dulaney. 

Shah hopes that this mural will be finished by the end of the year, so it can serve as a positive relic of Covid-19 for years to come.