An Expert’s Ranking of America’s Favorite Halloween Candy

Lily Hemmeter, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, leaves are falling, and Halloween is right around the corner. But with this spooky holiday comes many difficult decisions: what to dress up as, what to carve into your pumpkin, and most importantly, what candy to buy. In an effort to solve this dilemma, I have compiled a ranking of popular Halloween candies. As a self-proclaimed expert taster, I believe I am qualified to offer my own commentary on this serious issue.

The official ranking is as follows:

#8: Tootsie Pops

Coming in last place is the classic Tootsie Pop. Introduced in 1931, this sweet treat certainly holds some nostalgia value. Unfortunately, with its mediocre lollipop coating and hard Tootsie Roll center, nostalgia might be the only thing going for it . 

#7: Candy Corn

This Halloween staple comes in 7th place. Flavorless and waxy, candy corn is quite a unique candy. Some people love it. Most people hate it. I usually have about a handful every year, and that is plenty.


#6: Hershey Bars

At 6th place is the classic Hershey Bar. This candy is not the best, but definitely not the worst. Hershey Bars just kind of exist. Unfortunately, I have had British chocolate bars, and Hershey’s can’t compare. There is something artificial about its taste, and dark chocolate is far superior anyway. 

#5: M&M’s

M&M’s are ranked 5th on the list. The candy-coated chocolate is a favorite of many, but I can’t say the same for myself. There is nothing outstanding about these little candies, and the quality of the chocolate is sub-par. However, their colors and shape make them slightly more enjoyable than the plain Hershey bar. 

#4: Starburst

Next up we have Starburst in 4th place. This chewy candy typically comes in 4 flavors: red (cherry), orange (orange), yellow (lemon), and pink (strawberry).  The orange ones are commonly regarded as the worst flavor, while pink is the favorite. These little squares also have a tendency to get stuck in teeth, but luckily they taste great. 

#3: Snickers

Snickers occupy the 3rd spot. This is a solid candy bar with a little bit of everything: nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate. People love the variety of textures and flavors packed into them. I think Snickers are tasty and satisfying.

#2: KitKat

KitKats are one of the most-loved candies in America, which is why they are 2nd. The crispy layers of wafer produce a very satisfying crunch. While there is nothing extraordinary about their flavor, the texture more than makes up for it. 

#1: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

And finally, at the top spot is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Their circular shape along with the ridges on the side are fun details about this candy. Nothing can beat that salty peanut butter filling and how it contrasts with the sweet chocolate shell. Reese’s Cups are without a doubt the best Halloween candy.

I hope this helped you decide which candies to buy this year and which to avoid. With these tips, you will be the best house in the neighborhood on the 31st!