Tame Impala returns with new, distinct sound

Laura Hennawi, Staff Writer

A one-man music project led by all-encompassing singer, writer and producer Kevin Parker—assisted by a band in live performances—Tame Impala has pioneered the modern alternative-rock genre
with a psychedelic flair. From his debut self-titled album in 2008 to “The Slow Rush,” Kevin Parker’s creative genius and complete control of his work is immensely admirable. After a long, excruciating five years of silence since the “Currents” album, Tame Impala released “The Slow Rush” on Feb. 14, 2020.

Parker’s work always includes a personal touch, a message that focuses on a normal human flaw or process. “Innerspeaker” and “Lonerism” reflect his own introversion and loneliness, portrayed in the feeling of isolation in the lyrics and even through the cover art. “Currents” is an album of transition into adulthood and the normal change in the psyche. “The Slow Rush” is Parker’s depiction of the fleeting nature of time to a perfectionist like himself.
Parker released “Borderline” and “Patience” as teasers for an upcoming album in March and April 2019. Both
tunes are a new yet familiar Tame Impala experience: the drums, synth and guitar all combined with Kevin Parker’s soulful voice. After announcing the album and the release date, Parker began releasing songs from the album, like “It Might be Time,” “Lost in Yesterday” and

“Posthumous Forgiveness” all with a noticeable difference than the usual: his voice was more prominent, the lyrics actually standing out along with the wonderful production rather than behind it. “The Slow Rush” is an authentic, original Tame Impala sound, an embodiment of Parker’s growing openness to and confidence in his craft and work.
The album begins with “One More Year” and ends with “One More Hour,” a perfect book-end structure to
the work., “One More Year” being an upbeat start to the album, elicits the same feeling as watching the beginning
of an exciting movie. “One More Hour,” the longest song on the album at seven minutes, concludes the work with a slower, more mellow sound that is an ideal amalgamation of the fleetness of time. “On Track” is also one of the more melancholic, slower songs on the album, one that depicts Parker’s newfound and newly appreciated
optimism. He also employs a variety of new instruments in the album as well, like the piano and saxophone, together with his traditional drums, guitar and synth. The majority of the album is upbeat; from “Instant Destiny”
to “Glimmer,” Parker’s production incorporates elements of alternative, rock and pop to create a classic Tame
Impala impression of music that epitomizes the beloved psychedelic flare, while incorporating new pop sounds
mixed with the rock inspiration that make Tame Impala’s music unique.
“The Slow Rush” is an album well worth the wait with Kevin Parker detailing that he didn’t release it earlier because of the wildfires that reached his home in Malibu, Calif. The Tame Impala sound will always be changing as Kevin Parker himself changes and grows as well. As we watch the music style change, we watch Parker go through his own experiences as well, and that’s what makes the essence of his music so powerful and elevated.