Senior Spotlight: Nicole Wanga

Anne Wang, Staff Writer

Senior Nicole Wanga is known for her strength and resilience as a fighter. Through her
diverse eclectic array of interests, she is bound for a successful future despite the current
obstacles from the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, she has participated in wrestling all throughout
high school and is now headed off to the United States Military Academy in June. There, she
will study French and Portuguese as a dual language major and train for four years to
commission as a second lieutenant.
“I love learning new languages and cultures…with the many opportunities West Point
offers for both academic and military experience overseas, I feel like this path would be the best
fit for me,” said Wanga.
In addition to her academic tenure, Wanga is also immersed in the arts as she holds an
immense passion for Broadway and theater. She enjoys composing music for classical ensembles
and piano and hopes to pursue a career in writing and song composition after her service.
“In March before quarantine, I was in the process of producing a staged reading of my
musical ‘Tales From a Dead Land’ that was going to be performed at Baltimore Center Stage,
but it was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. I would really like to see that work on the
stage sometime in the future,” said Wanga.