Senior Centerfold: Evan Kawabata

Chris Cao, Staff Writer

For Evan Kawabata, math plus science equals working for the navy.
“I’m good at math and science,” Kawabata said when describing himself. “Because of that, I
want to work for the Navy and design their naval ships.”
Kawabata’s high school transcript reflects his plans to work in the engineering division of the
United States Navy. He’s taken many AP math, science and history classes at Dulaney High
School, such as AP Calculus, AP Chemistry and AP World History.
Other than his academic excellence in STEM and history, Kawabata has also found a love for
public speaking through his extracurriculars.
“I’ve done a lot of speaking clubs, like Model United Nations and Speech Club for the one year it
was here,” Kawabata said.
Kawabata attended the YMCA Model United Nations conference in Hershey Pennsylvania
during his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. The conference is where civically
engaged students act as representatives of a nation and debate resolutions to solve issues that
nations around the world face today.
This fall, Kawabata will be attending Webb Institute, a leading engineering school in Naval
Architecture and Marine Engineering majors. Kawabata was awarded a scholarship that covers full
tuition for four years and plans to pursue a double major.
Leaving Dulaney and going to college is bittersweet for Kawabata.
“I’ve met a lot of great people and friends here, so it will be difficult to leave especially because
I’ll have to make new friends,” Kawabata replied in response to his feelings about leaving
Dulaney. “I’ll try to keep in touch, though.”
Going through the next phase of Kwawbata’s life will be a new challenge. However, thanks to
Dulaney, he will be ready.
“Dulaney’s science and math programs helped me alot. They’ve prepared me for what’s next.”