Senior Breakfast Bash

Miranda Parrish, Staff Writer

Senior traditions at Dulaney are strong and unforgettable: senior barbeque, senior prom and
graduation. Many senior traditions this year were cancelled, leaving seniors disappointed, but
one of the lesser known but just as fun traditions was able to be completed in the senior’s
honor. The annual senior breakfast hosted by the school had a wide variety of foods to choose
from bagels to muffins… as well as a band made up faculty members to serenade the seniors.
The band is made up of physic teacher Stephen Shaw, English teacher Dirk Frey and history
teacher John Wagner. This year, the band featured honorary member and senior Daniel
Anthony to play drums. Each year, the band asks drummers in the senior class if they might be
interested to partake in the festivities with them.
The small band as a group is perfected already, and they usually only have one rehearsal
before the big performance. They have a variety of songs they play, but they primarily enjoy
playing classic rock songs. Their song lineup changes every year, but they always sneak in
“Another Brick in the Wall Part Two” by Pink Floyd due to its popularity. Originally written in
1979, the song is a part of a longer three-part series. The second part calls out to teachers to let
their students be and to stop bothering them, that education is useless and unnecessary. The
band aims to highlight the irony of the song.
Born in 2002, the band formerly actively played outside of school events until around October of
2005. While the band formed through their connection at Dulaney, they went on to play at
venues around the Baltimore area. Several years ago, ____the teacher that played the bass
left, and they recruited Mr. Frey to fill the role. From then on, they never looked back and play at
the breakfast every year.
Many seniors that attended the breakfast were pleasantly surprised to be played to by their
former teachers. As a long-awaited tradition, being serenaded by the ones that had formerly
taught them was bittersweet.
Although many senior traditions that were supposed to happen for the class of 2020 were
cancelled, being able to attend the senior breakfast surrounded by their friends in matching
splattered senior barbecue shirts was one tradition seniors will always remember.