Sophie Sturiale, Staff Writer

With the rise of the #MeToo movement, pop singers Kelly Clarkson and John Legend decided that the Christmas classic “Baby its Cold Outside” needed a revamp. The artists took the outdated, potentially creepy song and updated the lyrics to be more respectful.


The old Christmas classic included many lyrics describing a man not allowing a woman to leave his house, he spent the night enticing her in order to get her to stay. Although it was not meant to be considered a true story, some people have always questioned the connotation.


The new song although kind and considerate cannot even compare to the original. The new lyrics did not exactly fit the music and left much to be desired with the vocals. They are both quite talented, but this song did not showcase their voices in the best way. The song at times got very quiet and had many changes in tones which overall, resulted in an unpleasant listening experience.


The lyrics did give the song new meaning; however, I believe sometimes if the song is good enough you might just have to overlook the intended meaning. I do think it is important to create things that are positive and respect everyone; however, with some music, especially older songs, it is better to just enjoy to music and not worry about the meaning. Considering the original was created in 1944 it is unrealistic for people to expect modern lyrics. Songs like “Baby its Cold Outside” are It is hard to change traditional songs like this one.


Clarkson and Legend have received lots of backlash from fans claiming they ruined Christmas. Followers and other artists are appalled that they tried to change the Christmas classic. Fellow artist Sharon Osbourn had lots to say about their remake of the classic, claiming the new version is “ridiculous.” The artists stand by their decision to change things and have not formally responded to all the critiques.The song may not be as catchy but there are positive intentions behind it and the artists did not mean to offend anyone. The new version may not be as catchy as the original but claiming Clarkson and Legend ruined Christmas is making the situation a bigger deal than it needs to be.


Clarkson and Legend emphasize that they still love the original, they just believed a fresh version would be nice. However, it seems as though they created this updated version for publicity and to appeal to a new audience. The singers created the tune expecting nothing but positive feedback and were shocked with the retaliation they received. The song itself has a connotation that seems as though they are trying.