Cultivating beauty through cheer

Sophia Paranzino, Staff Writer

Cheerleaders work to support and encourage the rest of the school through their rallying cheers and pep-filled moves. One cheerleader in particular, sophomore Mattie Mueller, exemplifies this ideal and is an integral part to the motivation of Dulaney athletes. Although Mueller only started cheering in the fall of her freshman year, she already stands out as an athlete on her team and enjoys the time she spends cheering.
Through the fall and winter season, Mueller has been a leader to her fellow cheerleaders, moving them with her energy for cheerleading and encouraging them to be their best.
“Because of her love for cheer, she motivates us to do better,” said teammate Makiyah Knight.
Cheerleading meets after school daily to practice their routines. Although the intensive practices can be tiring, Mueller finds the work worthwhile.
“Cheerleading is a lot of effort but it’s really worth it in the end… it is rewarding to be able to see the end result of our hard work,” said Mueller.
While Mueller may not choose to continue cheerleading throughout all of high school, the impact she has so far made on the team will leave a lasting impression.
“She tries to gather everyone to try to get us to do better. She creates a bond with us so we can all be friends,” said Knight.
Throughout the hard work of practices, Mueller has led her team to encourage and motivate all of the various Dulaney sports.
As Mueller said, “In cheerleading, you work hard to make something beautiful.”