Uber bagels: uber mediocre

After the disheartened shut-down of the Goldberg Bagels in the Padonia Village Shopping center several years ago, the new and welcoming Uber Bagels is giving bagel lovers and nonlovers a new place to enjoy.
The happy and warm atmosphere walking up to the door provides high expectations of what’s inside. People of all ages digging into their largely portioned bagels for the first time ever or the third time that week gave a perspective on how these bagels really are.
While every single table and chair was filled up outside, the inside seemed almost empty. The abundance of space filled with modern floors and signs reminded me of how places in Hampden look. Chalk board signs and rustic wood looking floors provided for an attractive look, without an uptown boutique-like feel, compared to Cake by Jason next door.
I was greeted at the counter by a smiling face, then faced with a drastic decision:like whether to get my bagel toasted or not. Their input on what I should do made my decision easier, and my bagel warmer.
Even with wonderful customer service, the bagel itself and the menu was not wonderful. There were many choices to decide from, but the print was so small that everyone there had to go up to the counter to read any of the choices. Since each menu item and description was in a different color, it was a challenge to figure out what description went with what. I decided upon a simple cinnamon sugar bagel with plain cream cheese, and a sausage, egg and cheese bagel so I could compare the two.
When I finally got my long-awaited bagels, I had mixed feelings. The cashier got my order wrong and I received a plain bagel instead of a cinnamon sugar bagel. The bagel itself was just okay; the texture was decent, but both bagels were so large that it was practically impossible to eat. I tried eating it multiple ways: like a sandwich, opened-up, and ripping part of it off, and I found that tearing a piece off was the easiest way to go. The only plus was the heaping amount of cream cheese I found when I unwrapped the tin foil. The other bagel I got–the sausage, egg, and cheese–tasted too much like the Dunkin’ bagel but with a better bagel, and I paid much more for it than for a bagel at Dunkin’. Both bagels seemed overpriced for what I received, and I wasn’t too excited about the outcome, especially with all of the expectations from the bagel lovers outside.
Overall my experience left me satisfied. The bagel was well-enjoyed and the atmosphere was pleasant and welcoming, despite an average customer service experience. However, the fact of the matter is Uber Bagels has been and will be bringing in some serious dough from the loyal customers who are both new and returning from Goldberg Bagels. The addition of a new shop to the Padonia Village Shopping center is helping the shops in the center gain recognition and popularity, and the shop gives customers a fun place to hang out at, making for a great shop to have.