iPhone screen time data exposes discrepancies

Ethan Samels and Anna Grace Farnum

Honestly, I never quite realized how low my iPhone usage was until this experience. In reflection, I realize I don’t play games or watch YouTube/Netflix all the time, and I usually only check social media one or two times a day. I don’t use social media much because I don’t feel the need to constantly check it. I believe that technology just fills in the gaps between events. People get bored, they check their phone. I keep busy with cross country and track practice every day after school until 5:00 p.m. and then I do homework for a couple hours, so I don’t have a lot of time to use my phone anyway. I still play video games and watch TV in the evenings and on the weekend, but I definitely do those activities more than using my phone. I also play sports with my friends after practice and on the weekend a lot of the time. I never use my phone late at night, and I don’t take it up to my bedroom. I think keeping up with current events using phones and social media is necessary and useful, but I am strongly against phone obsession.” -Ethan Samels

I know I am on my phone quite frequently- sometimes I need my phone for imperative tasks such as GPS to pick up the kids from school who I babysit for. But more frequently I use my phone for less productive apps, most notably social media. According to my screen time in settings, on average, each day I use my phone for 7 hours and 12 minutes. I get around 475 notifications per day. My most frequently used apps in order are: Instagram, Snapchat, Messages, Safari, Maps, Facebook, and photos. However, I spend the majority of my time on Instagram weekly: 18 hours and 3 minutes. According to Pew Research, more teenagers report social media having a largely positive impact rather than a negative one. However comparing my phone usage the national statistics, I would say my phone usage is unhealthy. In fact, I find myself on my phone more than I am doing other activities such as exercising or doing my studies. Even when I work out, I am on my phone.” -Anna Grace Farnum