Club Spotlight: Photo Club


Abhinav Khushalani

Junior Sasha Howard photographs junior Lucia Qian modeling for a string lights photoshoot.

Emma Shannon, Staff Writer

What They Do:

Photo Club offers budding photographers the opportunity to learn and practice shooting various types of photography. Photo Club typically plans themed photoshoots where members have the opportunity to create backdrops, gets models ready, learn about their camera’s settings, and shoot the models.

Photo Club also has a more modern social aspect, too.

“You will meet tons of people like you and get cool pictures for Instagram and for your portfolio,” said junior and co-president Lucia Qian. “You can be creative with your friends outside of school.”



Throughout the year, Photo Club has paid homage to the seasons through fall and holiday-themed photo shoots.

“Recently we had a photoshoot with leaves, mirrors, and shadows,” said Qian.

In past meetings, members have also added variety to their photos by working with string lights and shining flashlights on CDs for rainbow reflections.

“Members liked the freedom to come up with their own ideas,” said junior and co-president Sasha Howard. “Everyone brings in the props, but they aren’t strictly told what photos to take. There’s a lot of space [for creativity].”


On the Horizon:

On Feb. 17, Photo Club will travel to New York for their annual field trip.

“We meet at school really early… and get back late, at 11 p.m.,” said Qian. “We spend the entire day in the city. People are free to explore and take photos and go shopping. Last year, over 50 people went.”

The field trip was started by the club’s founder, Esha Vangara, as a fun, bonding experience. It’s an opportunity for club members to take photos for Instagram or photo class without the stress of a grade.


One Member’s View:

Junior Abhinav Khushalani emphasized the informal, positive atmosphere and mentioned the ease at which everyone is able to contribute.

“You don’t need a professional camera or any fancy equipment to participate,” said Khushalani. “Many members just use their phone cameras and still get great shots.”


Leaders’ Takes:

Howard and Qian are both extremely passionate about photography, and encourage originality in a stress-free environment when shooting photos.

“You can just use whatever creative vision you have,” said Howard. “The guidelines aren’t strict.”

“It’s a great opportunity for people to explore their creativity and relax, learn new photography skills, and have fun,” said Qian.


Time and Place:

Photo Club meets every other Tuesday in room 313 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

To see more photos taken at Photo Club, follow dhsphotoclub on Instagram.

Sophomore Arianna Bailey uses string lights to create a spiral effect at a Dec. 5 photo club meeting.

Hannah Bellinger