Teacher expresses creativity through eclectic style


Ellie Matson, Staff Writer

English teacher and Sequel adviser Meekah Hopkins brings creativity into every aspect of her life- including clothing. Staff writer Ellie Matson sat down with Hopkins to learn all about her unique sense of style.

Q: What inspires your style?

A: The season and my mood- for example, sometimes I’ll throw on something bright when I need more energy; something comfortable when I’m craving balance. Oh, and of course, here at Dulaney, the temperature of my classroom is a huge deciding factor. To sleeve or not to sleeve…

Q: Where is your favorite place to shop?
A: I don’t have a favorite place to shop- I collect clothes from everywhere, from Target to Free People; Steve Madden to Under Armour. I could care less what the brand of clothing is, just that it fits well and makes me feel good. In that way, “fashion” isn’t synonymous with designer or anything fancy, it’s more a state of mind.

Q: What do you think your clothes say about your personality?

A: Creativity is a huge part of my career here and my life in general. I think of clothes as another form of creative expression, so I hope my clothes communicate that I’m creative and also that I’m an open-minded person. I’m not really afraid to try different colors or patterns or looks because honestly, it’s just clothing. I hope that inspires people and makes them feel like they can, too.

Q: Do you dress to make a statement? Or for personal pleasure?

A: I dress for myself; everyone should dress for themselves. Just like anyone can pull off any look you just have to have the confidence and the desire to experiment. It’s all in good fun. Now that I think about it, maybe that is my statement.