Artist Among Us: Paul Landefeld

Hannah Bellinger and Allie Kammer

What starts as a doodle on the back of his classwork, ends up as a detailed composition for junior Paul Landefeld.

Landefeld discovered his passion for traditional pencil and inking at a young age, finding influence in the high contrast and tight details of comic books.

“Ever since I was a kid, comic books have served as a basis for my style, composition, and just the overall look of everything in my art,” Landefeld said. “Comics capture most, if not all, of the main components of good artwork perfectly.”

Throughout his two years at the arts magnet school George Washington Carver Center, Landefeld had the chance to explore new mediums such as sculpture, graphic design and painting. He credits his attendance at the school for an abundance of growth in his style.

“Just throughout this entire process my art has really grown, especially during the last two years when I received more classical training,” Landefeld said.

His perception of art as a career path has changed over the past two years, and he ultimately decided to transfer from Carver to Dulaney over the summer.

“My decision to transfer to Dulaney really came about through a realization that I wanted to have a career that was not art oriented,” Landefeld said.

“After attending a Center for Talented Youth program, it really made me realize I wanted a career in mathematics or a similar subject.”

Visual arts Department Chair Christopher Marsico applauds Landefeld’s dedication to honing his craft.
“Paul has such a strong work ethic and is so passionate about art,” Marsico said.

He also welcomes his distinct viewpoint.

“He brings a unique perspective to the class since he comes from Carver,” Marsico said.

“He has a different idea of how an art class is run.”