Country Album Stays True to Roots

Hanna Bewley , Associate editor

Josh Turner’s latest album picks you up and places you below the Mason-Dixon Line no matter where you are.

It is has been five years since he released an album, but the wait is worth it. This new album, “Deep South,” features 11 tracks, several of which were written by Turner himself.  There is not a doubt in my mind that this is a record his fans will continue to love.

This collection of songs is the perfect blend of his traditional country style and his signature deep baritone voice with a more modern influence to ensure his music keeps up with the times.

The opening title track, “Deep South”, takes the listener to a day in the life of the singer in the area of the country he loves with an upbeat and unforgettable tune.

The album’s Top 10 list song, “Hometown Girl,” is my personal favorite. Turner sings about a girl he loves next door. The mid-tempo beat, electric guitar and the overall feels brings the song successfully together.

Throughout the album’s entirety it serves to highlight the simple joys in life, heritage, community, and the culture that Turner has grown up in.

Being a husband and family man, the majority of his songs in this album, as well as his previous works, are centered upon successful and positive relationships.  But, he takes a different approach in his song “Wonder,” which is about a lost relationship of the past, and Turner is contemplating what would have happened if it had worked out.

The more contemporary addition to the album “Where the Girls Are” is certainly ready for the radio, and “Never Had a Reason” incorporates the perfect mixture of piano and guitar. This song concerns a man who finally is able to serve the one who he had decided to share his life with.

Another one of my favorites is the popular single “Lay Low.” The idea behind the song is a man longing to spend time with a loved one apart from the stresses of everyday life.  The softness of the introduction guitar strumming, soon paired with the steady beat of drums makes for a successful, catchy tune.

Overall, this is another successful album by Josh Turner as he incorporates both traditional elements as well as displaying his artistic exploration.  He does not look to others in the industry to determine his sound, but relies on his personal style, which is evident throughout every song in the album.