Senior Centerfold: Shreeyad Pant


Sophie Bates, editor-in-chief

Shreeyad Pant is torn: major in biology or dance?

Enrolled in five Advanced Placement courses this year, including Biology, Pant has eyed a medical career for years.

But then he saw a break dancing tutorial by VincaniTV. The tutorials are on YouTube, according to Pant.

He also seeks critiques from friends, fellow seniors Avakash Bhat and Theo Mishra.

“Whenever I get a message from him with a video of his moves, I give him feedback on how he looks,” Mishra said, adding that he’s not a dancer, so he merely advises Pant on the aesthetics of his moves.

So, why is Pant’s nickname “Cuber?” After watching a friend solve a Rubik’s cube, Pant began cubing. His fastest solve is 7.5 seconds, which he said is almost impossible for him to repeat.

As for how Pant will fare at the University of Maryland, College Park, Bhat foresees success.

“He’s passionate about the things he does,” Bhat said. “He’ll study for hours to get good grades, then go back to practicing break dancing and cubing.”