Senior Centerfold: Collin Stiers


Emma Walz, editor-in-chief

For Collin Stiers, technology and public service go hand in hand.

“What really interests me is making robots that mimic living creatures, combining what we already know about technology with some of the really efficient designs from nature,” Stiers said. In his sophomore year, Stiers employed this interest to spearhead an effort to build mobility and therapy devices for children with disabilities.

As the leader of the school’s robotics team, Stiers advises students on their robots.

“Whenever another school would ask me if anyone could help them to develop skills with programming or building of their robots, Collin was always the first to volunteer to help,” Robotics sponsor and technology teacher Erica Schmuck Wilson said. “He holds himself to a high level of work ethics.”

Additionally, Stiers is a planning officer in the Civil Air Patrol and a search-and-rescue instructor at the National Emergency Services Academy. He plans to attend Georgia Tech, and was recently awarded an ROTC. scholarship that will cover his cost of attendance as well as grant him a stipend. Upon graduation, Stiers is expected to complete eight years of service.

Why join the Army? For Stiers, it’s about fulfillment.

“Knowing that you did a long day of hard work for a greater cause, is really meaningful,” he said. “This is my way of being a leader in the world.”