The Post: Victoria Oluajayi

Sophie Bates, Editor in chief

Senior and frozen yogurt enthusiast Victoria Oluajayi sat down with editor-in-chief Sophie Bates to share her favorites and talk about how she wants to change the world in a positive way.

WATCHING: Right now I’m watching a lot of “Dance Moms.” It’s just a bunch of girls in Abby Lee’s dance company and they go to competitions for dance. I like the drama and I think it’s just really interesting. I also like “Scandal,” because the star of it is Olivia Pope and she’s really smart and easily puts things together. I like how strong she is, especially because of her relationship with the president.

LISTENING: I am obsessed with the song “Location” by Khalid. I really like that song because it’s so smooth and relaxing, and it talks about love. I use Spotify because if you have the college discount, it’s only $4.99 for premium. On Spotify, I listen to a lot of Kirk Franklin, especially “Looking for You” because it’s so uplifting, Khalid and Kehlani.

FOLLOWING: I follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram and I love her. I like her so much because she’s so pretty and knows how to just stunt, and all I really want to do is stunt. My handle is vfa.o, so follow me on Instagram! Outside of that, I just try to be inspired by strong-willed women, like Abby Lee from “Dance Moms.” I admire determination.

EATING: I love Tutti Frutti so much. Frozen yogurt is so amazing because of all the probiotics in it, and I love the toppings. If I were to build one right now, it would start with TF Tart frozen yogurt, then add brownies, pretzels, strawberries and top it off with chocolate or butterscotch sauce. I spend around $14 a week on frozen yogurt because I get it twice.

INSPIRING: The trait I want people to always associate with me is kindness, I just want people to think about how nice I am. I want people to be happy when they think of me, I just want to make them smile. On my birthday, my cousin told me about how positive I am. On my recommendation letter, Ms. Knott wrote about how much I seem to enjoy school and my positive light.

PLANNING: I’m going to Mount St. Mary’s University for two years. I’m a part of a dual enrollment program so I will be working on getting my Health Sciences degree, but I am also going to be sent to UMD to do a nursing program. Then, after the two years I will be a registered nurse. I’m doing it so I can be marketable after four years because I plan on going to medical school and need the prerequisites for it, instead of majoring in biochem. I want to be a pediatrician, I love kids and just feel like I would be so careful and have the ability to care for them.

CHERISHING: The Area String Festival held here for orchestra students from feeder middle and elementary schools in April. Our orchestra class—I play violin—performed some classical and traditional songs. Afterwards, my friends and I went to Tutti Frutti.