Prom dress Facebook page proves obligatory

Hanna Bewley, Associate editor

It’s not only a rite of passage, but an opportunity to spend hours in dressing rooms.

The senior prom dress search isn’t complete until the dress has been selected and posted on Facebook.

Just ask the 173 members of the Senior Prom Dresses Facebook group who’ve been sharing their dresses and opinions of them for months.

The first post was senior Elizabeth Norris, who bought her dress in June.

“I was just trying on dresses for fun and I fell in love with it,” Norris said.

From the first post in October, certain trends are noticeable.

“Some trends seem to be high neck lines, a low v-cut, leg slits and open backs,” senior Samantha Lannon said.

“I’ve seen tight dresses, which surprised me, and there have been all different two-piece dresses which is sort of a new fad,” senior Abby Epstein said.

Quick check of the page proves two-pieces are popular this year as well as mermaid style dresses, those that are form-fitting through the thigh or calf and then flare out at the bottom. The embroidered look in most Sherri Hill dresses is popular, Linhard said.

Colors seem to vary.

“Bold colors are in—navy, dark red and black – but pastels are also popular,” senior Kiera Abdul said.

Other standout trends?

“It seems dresses are either really sparkly or really simple,” senior Natalie Levine said.

The Facebook group serves a practical purpose.

“You post to make sure no one has the same dress as you,” senior Lisa Zimmerman said. “You know if that would happen then – oh man someone better hold my phone – because I’m going to fight this young lady.”

And the Senior Prom Dresses group does have a sense of decorum.

“I think one to two pictures is enough, and the price shouldn’t be poste,” Levine said. “Also, I think you should wait to post until you buy it to reserve it,” Levine said.

Views tend to agree this etiquette is noticeable throughout the page.

“I think most people will post around one to three pictures depending on how intricate the dress is.  A lot of them, for example, have detailed back designs or side cut-outs.  Nobody really posts the price of the dress,” senior Yasmeena Fakhouri said.

Does all this previewing dampen the excitement for the big night May 20? Not at all, Zimmerman said.

“I am honestly so excited to see everyone at prom.”