Artist Among Us: Joslyn Lapinski


Audrey Houghton, Staff writer

One sketchbook plus one pencil equals a masterpiece – at least in junior, Joslyn Lapinski’s case.

Lapinski, who takes five Advanced Placement classes, finds her fantastical artwork is a relaxing outlet. Still, she said, if she has learned anything in her Gifted and Talented Studio Practice class, and attention to detail is crucial.

Her teacher, Christopher Marsico, is quick to compliment her work ethic on her piece based on a still life.

“She is focusing on the small details, making sure she gets the reflections in the glass,” he said. “She’s following the instructions exactly as I gave as far as layering the colors,” Marsico said.

Lapinski hasn’t always excelled at art. Her skills emerged in high school.

“I don’t believe it’s an innate talent,” she said. “Art is something anyone can do.

Lapinski credits retired art teacher James Kuhlman with helping and inspiring her.

“What he was telling me to do actually made me a lot better, and he also introduced me to a lot of things I never used before like water colors.” Lapinski said.

Lapinski’s especially pleased with a ballpoint pen composition that features blue jays with hands reaching up toward them. Those hands symbolize how complete freedom is unattainable, she said, adding that she usually works realistically.

“I include humans or animals in most of my artwork because I like to appreciate their natural beauty,” she said.

Lapinski doesn’t just create in a classroom setting.  She sketches at home, often to music.

“Music can really set my mood and influence the themes that I focus on, and certain lyrics are really inspiring,” she said, adding that Twenty-One Pilots is among the bands she has enjoyed recently.

She doesn’t limit herself to just one genre and doesn’t worry about the perfection of her final outcome. It’s something she does to find calm.

“Art can just be something simple and enjoyable to do as a distraction from other things,” Lapinski said, “It’s just like any other hobby that just takes you out of your head for a little while.”