They’re still hot


Sophie Bates

Junior Kendall Snyder sports ripped jeans she purchased from American Eagle for about $25.

Sophomore Lucia Qian learned how to rip her jeans from watching YouTube videos.
“I go to thrift shops and buy jeans that are only like $5 and just cut them off, cuff them and distress them,” Qian said.
It may be winter time, but ripped jeans are practically everywhere. The popularity of this classic look has been around since the 1980’s, when ripped jeans were associated with the era of heavy metal and rock music. The jeans resurfaced in this decade because they’re simple yet edgy.
“They are cute, and they catch the eye. You can express yourself,” sophomore Lilah Sidle said.
Styles include light-wash, jet-black, small slits or gaping holes. Senior Jared Lim mixes styles.
“I have one that’s really blown out at the knee and another with a couple of rips from mid-thigh all the way down to the ankle area,” Lim said.
Students reported spending from $20 to $50 on ripped jeans. Popular brands include H&M, PacSun, Hollister and Zara.
Junior Kendall Snyder’s go-to is American Eagle, where she prefers to buy dark blue jeans, she said.
Ripped jeans are often established as the focal point of the outfit. Because of this, students choose to go simple with solid-colored shirts and sweaters.
“The attention’s usually on the legs. It depends on the color. You want something plain but also brings together the jeans and the top,” sophomore Lilah Sidle said.
While some like them for fashion purposes, others choose to wear them to make a statement.
“Teens like to feel rebellious,” junior Nicole Tregabov said.
No matter the reason for wearing them, students agree that ripped jeans aren’t going away anytime soon.
“This trend will last until the end of humanity,” Sidle said.