Style keeps senior alert


photo by Sophie Bates

Senior Arianna Minas sports a green cargo jacket from Nordstrom and a twist-up shirt with a layered necklace, both from Francesca’s, ripped jeans from American Eagle and booties from DSW Dec. 7.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Sports Editor

Active in the Greek Orthodox Youth Association, Allied Soccer and Relay for Life, senior Arianna Minas sat down with sports editor Patrick Fitzgerald to talk about her look.

Q: What motivates you to dress nicely every day?
A: When I dress well, naturally, it helps me stay awake. If you look like a bum, you feel kind of ‘eh.’ If you dress nice, you feel like, ‘I should stay awake because I look cute.’ I dress for myself and my own satisfaction, not for anyone else. It’s true, when you look good you feel good.

Q: Where do you like to buy your outfits?
A: I go honestly anywhere. If I go into a store and see something I like, I’ll get it. I like Express, I like Nordstrom. You can honestly take me wherever and I’ll probably find something.

Q: Which celebrities’ fashion senses do you admire?
A: I feel like celebrity fashion sense is kind of outlandish and extreme. They all wear things that typically we think looks good on them, but it’s not really something that any of us would’ve bought.

Q: How long does it take you to get ready?
A: Thirty minutes because I don’t really wear makeup or anything, so if I plan an outfit from the night before real fast I’m set to go.