Freshman animating, voicing own show

Vinny Arciaga, Staff writer

To hear freshman Hayley Shearman tell it, creating and voicing much of her own animation show is a breeze.

“It’s fun to be able to make a story and have it come to life with characters that have a certain mood,” Shearman said. “It really adds a layer to how the viewers perceive them as a person, even if they aren’t real.”

Shearman, who has been animating for almost a year and is self-taught, is producing her series “Adventures of the Team” despite starting over 11 times. She plans 25 episodes online (See it via her YouTube account, YourTrustyScout), she said, adding that episodes will showcase adventures of gods and goddesses representing the five elements: light, water, fire, earth and air. She expects to finish the first episode no later than early spring, she said.

Shearman’s style includes bright colors, realistic body proportions and cartoonish faces, according to freshman Kyra Butler, who voices one of Shearman’s characters.

“She tries to make the character as proportionate as possible to actual human anatomy but still have faces that can easily convey expressions,” Butler said. Shearman’s listening ability and sense of compassion enhance her characters’ realism, Butler said.

Shearman’s advice for potential animators?

“Don’t be intimidated by how much work animation is,” Shearman said. “The work will be worth it when you see the characters come to life.”