New iPhone impresses more than it troubles

Will Sogge, Staff writer

Both senior Kati Ilieva and junior Sam Niehaus, who bought the new iPhone 7 within a month of its September debut, find the removal of the headphone jack bothersome.
“It’s irritating since I can’t always use the aux cord in my car because I don’t carry the headphone adapter with me all the time,” Ilieva said, echoing complaints publicized nationwide.
Niehaus, who upgraded to the iPhone 7 last month, can empathize.
“Sometimes on my way to school I either forget or lose the little adapter needed to plug into the phone while I listen to music, so it annoys me then,” Niehaus said, adding that it’s frustrating being unable to listen to indie music or Soundcloud remixes in the morning.
The new iPhone is the first Apple smartphone advertised as water resistant. Niehaus called this just another precautionary measure, but Ilieva labeled it helpful.
“I love that it’s waterproof,” Ilieva said. “I use it in the shower all the time. Sometimes water gets into the speakers and I think it got messed up, but I just blow it out and it’s fine again.”
Removal of the physical home button in favor of a touchscreen button also draws mixed reviews. After adjusting the setting, Ilieva said she likes the new version. Niehaus gave it a thumbs down.
“Unnecessary at best,” Niehaus said. “It’s never caused an issue, but it’s just annoying because instead of pressing the home button, when you put your finger on it, it makes a vibration, and it just bothers me.”
Ilieva said she would recommend the phone to others. Niehaus, who is paying $27 monthly for his phone, said he wouldn’t.

Staff writers Hyunsung Ko and Grace Schneider contributed to this report.