Science Day at Dulaney High School

Ryleigh Bernhardt and Aine Heron

To get the Class of 2030 excited for their STEM high school experience, Dulaney held their annual Science Day. This year, Science day was held May 23-24th for fifth graders from Mays Chapel, Timonium, Pot Spring, Jacksonville, and more. Science Day began with an introductory performance by Dulaney seniors Aaron Ren, Bhargav Srinivasan, and Camille Kawabata. This opening ceremony gave the future Dulaney students a chance to partake in hands-on science experiments from exploring rotational force or understanding Dulaney’s robot “INCLINE”, to creating elephant toothpaste! Students were then led to various stations to explore mini-labs with students from Dulaney’s featured science classes such as Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This day gives elementary students insight as to what Dulaney’s science programs have to offer. Even if their favorite subject isn’t science, it allows students an opportunity to see the fun which can be found within the STEM field.