My Turn: New Grading Policy


Audrey Houghton, Staff Writer

The new grading policy introduced in late August resembles teen pop sensation Avril Lavigne’s 2002 hit single, “Complicated.” This song about a relationship facing problems represents student’s resentment towards Dallas Dance and the grading policy’s constant complications.

Similar to Lavigne’s feelings of frustration in the song when a great relationship goes south, students experience irritation when the policy takes a negative toll on their grades. I had a wonderful relationship with the policy at first but with constant vicissitudes one must ponder as Lavigne does, “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” The “you” Lavigne is referring to represents Superintendent Dallas Dance, and a question students desire to ask him.

When Lavigne says, “You’re tryin’ to be cool, you look like a fool to me,” the “you” can once again represent Dance. He believes his decisions will help the county prosper and that they will be “cool” with them. Who is he fooling? Students are plagued by constant confusion, and teachers by a lack of proper communication and training. For these reasons, contrary to Dance’s beliefs, the county is not cool with him, nor are they fooled.

Changes in grading policy come into action so fast without warning that teachers struggle to adapt. “You come over unannounced, dressed up like you’re somethin’ else,” Lavigne says. “Dressed up like you’re somethin’ else” represents how the grading system has become completely different than in years past. Perhaps it has become two-faced, like Lavigne’s boyfriend.

Lavigne’s acceptance of her relationship problems: “Life’s like this…that’s the way it is,” resembles the hopelessness the county feels knowing that after constant complaints and renewal of Dance’s contract, nothing is changing for the better. The county is beginning to accept the policy the way it is, and with this acceptance comes increased hopelessness.