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Teacher doubles as rocker

Anna Yan and Matt Walters

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Aside from teaching students the quadratic formula, math teacher Steve Binko also performs as a part-time rock star. The 52-year-old plays tenor saxophone in the band Don’t Stop, along with guitarist Mike Rhein, drummer Mike Fort, bassist John Schoene and vocalist Landri Taylor.
Primarily a cover band, Don’t Stop performs classic rock and modern hits.
The band mainly plays local venues, like Michael’s Café or Padonia Ale House in Timonium, or most recently, Ashland Café in Cockeysville.
But the band has also played for bigger crowds, Binko said.
“We played in front of a crowd of 5,000 people, and I did a crowd surf,” Binko said. “Luckily, they caught me.”
But Binko didn’t always strive to play at parties.
“I started playing saxophone in fourth grade, and played primarily classical music until college, when I started to transition into jazz and rock and roll,” Binko said.
Even though teaching is his primary profession, he doesn’t let that stifle his creativity.
“I always sing jingles in class,” Binko said.
When he retires, he said, he hopes to pursue music. But one thing won’t change—the sunglasses he wears during performances.
“That’s been my trademark for 31 years,” Binko said.
Fans and newcomers alike can find performances on the band’s website (dontstopband.com). The group will play at the Still in Timonium Dec. 2.
At least one co-worker said Don’t Stop is worth a listen.
“I’ve been going to see the band for years now,” computer science teacher Amanda Lattimore said.

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