Dulaney’s Dynamic Duo Gives their Farewells

Gabrielle Cassini, Staff Writer

Seniors Brooke Ellis and Natalie Crowley are hoping to finish their final lacrosse season at Dulaney High, leaving an unforgettable mark on the team. 

Both players found lacrosse at the age of three, and now continue their athletic passion on Dulaney’s field. Unstoppable and undeterred, Crowley (midfield) and Ellis (defense) have become assets to the team. 

“Both are incredibly positive leaders. They were both elected as captains this year. They know how to lift people up and help others shine” says Kristi Korrow, girls varsity lacrosse coach. 

A sport strictly known for its athletic skills of endurance, agility and speed, has also made its way into other aspects of the girls’ lives. Ellis recognizes the self discipline she has acquired. 

 “I don’t love working out, but before lacrosse [season] I always start running, working out and doing things. It also improved my academics, and helped my daily structure in the week.” she says.

Crowley agrees that lacrosse applies to other challenging situations she faces.  “Confidence is key. You can’t really excel on the field if you don’t have confidence. I think that applies to a lot of other areas in life, whether it’s school or work you just need to believe in yourself.”

There is no shortage of team spirit when it comes to Ellis and Crowley who are fueled by the motivating energy Dulaney’s lacrosse “family” provides. 

“Lacrosse can get really hard with conditioning, and can be very mentally tiring,

(Dulaney Griffin/ John Bowers)

so having twenty other girls that are sitting there with you going through the same exact thing, just kind of keeps me motivated” says Crowley. 

Talent cannot be contained for Ellis and Crowley, as both players are planning on continuing their skills and legacy after highschool. 

Ellis is hoping to join a club team within the proximity of her college, and Crowley did not go unnoticed by the college scouts, continuing her lacrosse career at St. Joseph’s University.

“It’s indescribably sad. I mean it’s terrifying. I am gonna go next year and play with a completely new team and coach. But I am also really excited because I know it’s going to be amazing” says Crowley. 

The senior blues are also spreading to Ellis as she says, “Lacrosse is my life. It’s sad it’s all coming to an end, but I am excited to see what I’ll do next with it.” 

Crowley and Ellis are both looking forward to taking a break over the summer, and beginning a new chapter in their lives for the bright future ahead of them.